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Join us for Los Angeles, California's BIG SUMMER MARKET!
LA MART LOGO LA MArt Permanent Showrooms | Thursday, July 20 - Monday, July 24 | 9am - 6pm | 1933 South Broadways, Los Angeles, CA
California Marketplace Logo California Marketplace | Friday, July 21 - Monday, July 24 | 9am - 6pm - Monday Closes at 3pm
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA | A Red, White & Blue State of Mind
DIVERSITY of product all gift+Home categories imaginable | FREEDOM to explore thousands of lines in hundreds of showrooms and temporary exhibits | INCLUSION Worls-wide American-made, local California artisans, major national brands, unigue one-of-a-kind products from all over the world | UNITED venues permanent showrooms, temporary exhibits, world style, fair trade, order-writing, immediate delivery
LA Mart - 800.526.2784  |  California MArketplace = 800.318.2238